Helpful techniques for online content

Online content is the invention of the millennium. Most content is not written for itself but is also used for business purposes means of communication, marketing and educational. The daily amount of published posts is over two million. It’s a huge amount, but even though many are eagerly reading articles and posts the way printed… Read More »

Writing on a daily journey

Some of us use private cars and some travel by public transport, but traveling from city to city to work or for leisure can be somehow a boring experience.  How people pass the time during their daily trip?  There are those that sink into their mobiles to send endless messages, others make phone calls, take… Read More »

Tips for writing process

For some bloggers, writing for the internet is a full-time job, other write because blogging fits in with their other occupations, and some write because they want to expose their thoughts or ideas to others by using the wider and fastest writing channel that can be used for communication between people. Writing process operates not just… Read More »